New album release! "Beethoven - Tausch" German Music at the Dawning of the XIX Century - Duo Santor-Gilort

Live in Zaragoza

MIN Independent Music Award, Spain. Cello & Piano

Rachmaninoff, Laló, Dvořák & more...
Spanish cellist Georgina Sanchez and her publishing company Santor Ediciones

A little bit about Santor...

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Sheet Music

Sheet Music for Clarinet & Cello

Georgina has composed some works for cello and clarinet duo that have quickly gained a place on the clarinet repertoire.

John Steve Salazar

She is not only an amazing cellist, but a fantastic composer! I've purchased all of her compositions thus far for the combination of cello and clarinet for myself and my husband to perform because there is a dearth of music for our combination and we love her music!

Stephanie Borrmann

Just crazy about Gina Sanchez, she's so inspiring

Gloria Olla