New album release! "Beethoven - Tausch" German Music at the Dawning of the XIX Century - Duo Santor-Gilort

[Coming soon] The Flight of the Bird - English narration - Alternative World Music for Cello - Santor Ediciones

[Coming soon] "The Flight of the Bird" - English narration - Alternative World Music for Cello

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Birds are our awakeners, bringing us back to life after onirism. It’s hard to conceive a day without hearing their chants. In this production, the story of Hirunda (En la Ciudad del Cielo, 2013) continues with a journey that explores the world in a musical quest, searching for sounds to sing…Spread your wings and flight with her!

List of tracks:

1.    Creación
2.    Canto Antiguo
3.    Nana
4.    Pagodas
5.    Kaddish
6.    Danza Moro-Andaluza
7.    Oriental
8.   1 Frg. Czardas
9.   1 Frg. El Danubio Azul
10.  2 Frg. Czardas
11.  2 Frg. El Danubio Azul
12.  La Tempesta
13.  A mí…
14.  Blue Monk
15.  Bailemos este Tumbao
16.  Homenaje a Piazzolla-Vivaldi
17.  El Cant dels Ocells
18.  Fantasía sobre “La Voz Humana”